WordlePC v1.5

Wordle is a free game which is similar to Boggle. It has a built-in dictionary, allowing only real words to be entered. It also tracks your best boggle games! It features "Wordsmith" rounds, which test your ability to find those long words. It also comes with a dictionary editor.

About Wordle

This is a great word game; it's fun and it's educational. It's incredibly addictive. And it's free (though I'd certainly appreciate a donation!

WordlePC is the PC version of my Wordle game, similar to Boggle. It is also available for PocketPC!


Wordle is free. You may redistribute it provided you distribute the complete distribution, including documentation, without any modifications. Wordle comes without warranty of any kind.

This game requires the Microsoft .NET framework, freely available from Microsoft.

Version History:


How do I install it?
Download the .zip file above to your PC. Unzip it and then run Wordle!
It doesn't work!
Make sure you have the .NET framework installed. It won't run without it.

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