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Apple II/IIGS Programming

I grew up programming the Apple IIGS, first in BASIC, then assembler. I joined a programming club called the Imperium Programmer's Guild (IPG), where I spent a lot of time learning how to write code (and then, in university, unlearning a lot of those habits). However, I credit the time I spent laboring over 65816 assembly with my interest in computer architecture and algorithms.
So far, kegs has proven to be a solid Apple2GS emulator. Try it out. I'm hoping to find some of the lost titles, and perhaps source code as well. Other titles that I remember writing: King of the Vandals (a very early multiplayer BBS game), a computer grading program, TelepromptIt...

School Videos

For two years, my high-school friends and I took honors interdisciplinary classes taught by (Tom) Siebold and Bjork (did I spell those correctly?) We did a number of videos for projects in that course, and I've been trying to dig them up over the years. They were shot with (typically) a single camera, and edited using a homemade audio mixer and two VCRs using the "pause" method (which explains why the sync is nearly lost at every scene edit.) We used my Apple2GS and custom software for title effects. The videos are mostly awful, but are archived here for the continuing shame and laughable embarassment of the participants. We had more fun producing them than you'll have watching them!